Beach Waves

How to achieve the coolest beach waves with the It Curl Oval Wand

Beach Waves

How to achieve the coolest beach waves with the It Curl Oval Wand



We’ve got the secret to easy beachy waves: the It Curl Oval Wand. The oval shape, tapered tip, and temp control make this the go-to for the perfect undone curl. Wrap 1-2 inch sections around the barrel vertically, hold and release- voila!

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How to achieve the coolest beach waves

A tutorial for straight-haired girls, like Kirti. Hello Kirti

01. Start by prepping hair with heat protectant spray

02. Thoroughly work the product into your hair

03. Section hair by layer using Xtava Pinup Clips

04. Using the It Curl Oval Wand, select your settings

Use higher temperatures for thicker hair and lower temperatures for thinner hair

05. Working in 1-inch sections wrap hair vertically around the wand

06. Hold for several seconds and then release the curl

Xpert Tip: Pull the end of the section to loosen the curl structure

07. Continue working in 1-inch sections

08. Using a comb, create a deep side part

09. Curl front pieces away from you to frame your face

10. Loosen the waves with your fingers

Go forth and make waves

hair tutorials xtava