Best Hair Dryer for the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser

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Best Hair Dryer for the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser


Raise your hand if you love your locks? Raise your hand if you love your locks blown out? Now, raise your hand if you’re blowin' bank on those blowouts? Tongue twister, right? But yeah, us too. 

It's True 

When your hair looks good, you always feel your best, and when do we feel our best? With a salon grade blowout, of course. Wait for the kick though...Xtava is here to help save your bank, but also keep your locks looking bomb. With our Xtava Pro Hair Dryer, also available on Amazon HERE, you can get a glossy, volumized mane and D-I-Y at home! Our dryer runs at 1875 watts with a built-in “cool shot” button to maximize your hairstyle, boost shine, and reduce frizz. Use it as a hair dryer for travel, at home, or at friends for some validated bragging rights, am I right? And the best part is, it fits perfectly with our Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser, available on Amazon HERE. YUP, it’s true, our hair diffuser matches our hair dryer! So curly girls, I’m talking to you…

The Fix

Say hello to shorter dry times and spectacular, coily curls for a price that will please your wallet. To put it simply, our hair dryer diffuser combo is about to be your new sidekick in this everyday hair game us ladies fearlessly face. Forget your steam straightener; it's time to bump up the volume and emphasize those curls. The orchid diffuser, fitting seamlessly into our Xtava Pro Hair Dryer, is super simple to use and has the oh-so-quick ability to dry, dry, dry! It’s your secret weapon for taming curls to tease out your natural texture. With advanced 3D grips that diffuse harsh heat and protect your strands, as well as various drying vents for 360° airflow, it covers your hair from the root to the tip.

The Difference

You’ll see a difference in your usual dry time, the definition of your curls, and their boosted bouncy nature. With our Xtava Pro and compatible diffuser, you can achieve almost any styling goal or volumized look. Try a quick spritz of our Heat Protectant Spray before diffusing or drying for an extra layer of hair protection (you'll thank us later). Use these products at home or on the go—you never know when your locks might need a lift! It’s the ticket to your best-hair-at-home for a fabulous, finished look. 

Your Discount!

To purchase our winter hair bundle, which includes our Black Orchid Diffuser, Xtava Pro Hair Dryer, and Heat Protectant Spray, for a 15% off value, CLICK HERE! Enter the discount code Winter-Hair at checkout to apply. If you would like to purchase only the Xtava Pro Hair Dryer and Black Orchid Diffuser as an Amazon bundle, CLICK HERE to buy. Enjoy, ladies!