This Natural Hair Oil is the Ultimate Nourishment

We’re obsessed with this oil that’s packed with vitamins and nutrients AND works on all hair types.

This Natural Hair Oil is the Ultimate Nourishment

Like superfoods for your mane, hair oils are a great way to ensure your locks are getting their healthy dose of vitamins. Their nourishing properties help seal cuticles, which can add some serious shine and luster to your locks. We made a guide in case you need help figuring out which one’s for you, but we’re here to dish on our favorite: pequi oil.

Pegui fruit

Made from the lush pequi fruit in the Brazilian savanna, they’re filled with vitamin A and essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6 acids. What does this mean for your hair? Reduced frizz and curls on curls. Seriously, the science proves it. At a concentration level of just 3% pequi oil has been shown up to 31% frizz reduction and 36% retention when applied to hair.

We’re so into pequi oil that we made sure to include it in every product in our new nourishing line, Styling Squad. That way, curly girls can retain maximum bounce, while straight-haired women can work with va-va-volume.