Rainy Day Hair

How to Work It In Wet Weather

Moisture and humidity aren’t going away anytime soon, so deal with the rainy days ahead with these four water-resistant rainy day hairstyles. 

Rainy Day Hair

Rain — the dreaded weather pattern that fills our hearts with gloom, and hair with frizz. However, since moisture and humidity aren’t going away anytime soon, how do you get through the rainy days ahead? Well, we have a few water-resistant tactics for you.

1. Be Aggressive. B-E Aggressive (when Blow Drying)

They say the best defense is a good offense — and it’s no different for your hair. Get to the root of your rainy day problems (literally) by washing and conditioning your hair first thing in the morning. Blow dry it immediately until it’s 100% dry — this will make it harder for the weather to get to your hair cuticles and whip up frizz. 

Black and White Xtava Pro Dryers

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2. Lean Into Your Hair Type

Too tired to combat the effects of rain? Then embrace them! The one thing you can trust humidity to do is amplify your hair’s texture. So run a flatiron over straight hair, or perfect a few curly-haired twirls with a wand. Then spritz with a finishing spray to hold and hope for the best. We’re rooting for you, girl!

Young woman under an umbrella

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3. Work A Sleek Do

Slicked back styles are a lifesaver in the rain, since they’re super easy to achieve and even easier to maintain. Just use gel to pull hair up into a classy top knot, pony, or tight braid. This simple trick instantly transforms your look into a clean, elevated style. And while we do love the classic messy bun, bad weather isn’t the time to flaunt it. Added humidity can make those cute flyaways a little crazy. 

Three girls with top knot or tight braid

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4. Cover Up

When all else fails, just put a hat or hood on — these practical fashion accessories have been seen popping up in fashion week all over the place, especially in Paris. Kind of awesome, right? So you’re not hiding from the rain, you’re just high fashion.

Girls with hats

[Image Source: Fashionisers]

In the end, none of these tactics are going to change the weather. Though, they might just change your attitude about them. With tips and tricks to weather the storm, you can turn any rainy day into a good hair day.