Oil Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Oil

Celebs, stylists, and Xtava Girls alike all swear by hair oil treatments. Why? They’re like an all-in-one cure all for your locks. 

Oil Guide

Your Ultimate Hair Oil Guide

The Essential Facts You Need to Know


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Celebs, stylists, and Xtava Girls alike all swear by hair oil treatments. Why? They’re like an all-in-one cure all for your locks. With detangling, protective, and overall health-boosting qualities, oils are a sure-fire way to create stronger, better-feeling hair. We’ve got the low-down on top oils and their benefits so you can choose the best one for your hair needs.


Argan Oil = Instant Shine

Argan oil (aka moroccan oil) is your go-to pick for instant shine, especially for dry hair. Just a few drops go a long way, but the stuff is still light enough to use daily. Win-win! Oh, and it’s a pretty solid heat protectant.


Bottle with organ oil and organ seeds

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Jojoba Oil = Sleek and Smooth

Pronounced “ho-ho-ba” (we needed to be told that), this oil works really well as a detangler. Put a few drops of this in your conditioner to smooth things out. Looking for a little more? Use this oil as a leave-in treatment for at least 30 minutes to hydrate your hair from the inside out.

Castor Oil = Fuller Locks

Dreaming of a thicker mane? Castor oil helps with hair growth. It’s a bit goopy, though, so you might want to dilute it with something lighter, like grapeseed oil. Lay the stuff on your scalp overnight, sleeping in a shower cap. Rise and shine, rinse, and repeat each week for fuller locks.

Castor oil

Coconut Oil = Maximum Moisture

This is your ultimate moisturizer for your hair and scalp. It prevents hair loss, heat damage, and can even repair breakage! Basically, it’s a miracle worker. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for at least a half hour before rinsing out. Warning: This is definitely the most oily thing we’ve tried, so limit treatments to a few times a month.

Coconuts and its oil

Pequi Oil = Curls for Days

We saved the best for last: Pequi oil is the upcoming oil curly-haired girls need to know. Made from the Brazilian fruit picture below, it creates curls on curls with less frizz and more shine. The best part? It’s light enough to use on a daily basis. Seriously, we’re obsessed.

Pegui fruit

Ready to get started? Choose your favorite oil from above, depending on the results you want. You can even mix and match, pairing up a super hydrating treatment (like coconut oil) with another one for everyday use (like pequi oil). When applying, work with damp or dry hair pinned into sections so you can coat each strand evenly. And most importantly, share your fab results by tagging @xtavaofficial on Instagram!