Game of Thrones Hairstyles

A recap — and our theories —  of Sansa Stark's hair transformation from season 1 to 7.

Game of Thrones Hairstyles

If you’re watching Game of Thrones on HBO as closely as we are, you’re noticing the killer outfits and hairstyles the stylists and costume designers have created for their cast of characters. However, this show isn’t all about looks: Fashion and hair are working to tell an unspoken story with each style. And we’re down to hear it.

So let’s examine who’s wearing what and why. First up: Sansa Stark. Let’s recap each of her looks and the theories behind each one.

Sophie Turner with long hair

Actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa


(There are absolutely spoilers ahead.)


Season 1

Sansa with long hair fallen down and braids on top

With long hair that falls down on her shoulders and simple braids on top, Sansa is wearing the familiar style she knows. She was raised with it, so it’s a part of her culture and family at Winterfell.

Season 2

Sansa with ornate updo hairstyle with braids

Now in King’s Landing (not exactly by choice anymore), Sansa mimics Cersei Lannister’s hairstyle, most likely in hopes of being accepted. She has an ornate updo hairstyle with braids associated with royalty.

Season 3

Sansa with her hair pulled back with twists

Officially over being associated with the Lannisters, Sansa now mimics the style of a newfound friend, Margaery. Both have hair pulled back with twists, though Sansa allows more of her hair to fall down in her version.

Season 4

Sansa with top braids
Now on the run from King’s Landing, Sansa is free to return to her original, Northern style of simple top braids. Maybe this was telling us that she was on her way home?

Season 5

Sansa in a hood
Sansa began and ended this season in hiding, and her hair reflected that. First, it was dyed black while she made her way back to her Winterfell while avoiding the houses on the hunt for her. After finding out her home wasn’t as cozy as she remembered it, she tucked it away in a hood to flee.

Season 6

Sansa with braided hair

Ready to get revenge on the man abusing her and her home, Sansa shows up to fight with typical Winterfell braids on the top of her head. However, instead of letting her hair fall straight down, she braids the rest. She’s ready for action.

Season 7

Sansa with top braids
Thankfully, Sansa took her home back, and wears an outfit to match. Some may say her hair is back to its original style as we saw in season 1, but others aren’t so sure. Are those Lannister style braids creeping back in?

Only time will tell in the final season.