Game of Thrones Hairstyles

Cersei Lannister, the recent Game of Thrones queen, has gone through some hair serious changes over the years.

Game of Thrones Hairstyles

Continuing our recap on the HBO show, we’re taking a look at the hairstyle Cersei Lannister is sporting now, and how she got there. (Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.) We all know the recent queen didn’t lob off her hair by choice, but we can all agree she’s now pulling it off pretty well. In fact, other characters in the kingdoms seem to be following suit with a short pixie cut. Still, let’s reflect on the Lannister matriarch’s signature golden locks to see what each style meant from the first season to the current one in 2017.


Actress Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister

Season 1

Though Cersei’s hair was down when we first met her, she made a point of boasting about her southern hometown styles, like the one pictured above. This ornate updo is the real deal for her: She’s royalty, and she wants to make sure everyone knows it.  

Season 2

Here, we see a more personal side of Cersei, as she struggles for power within her own family. She wears her long, golden hair down, signaling that she feels comfortable and relaxed. After all, the castle is her home.

Season 3

Cersei returns to her glamorous royal braids as she’s put in front of a new family, the Tyrells. With young Margeary in the picture, the queen is most likely trying to assert her power over her with some serious style.

Season 4

The queen’s hair is toned down after the death of her son, for obvious reasons. While she still styles it for formal occasions, the updo has been replaced with simple twists and braids. Her heart just isn’t in it anymore.


Season 5

Cersei continues to mourn, with the same looser, flowing hairstyles. That is, until the end of the season, when her plan to take down the Tyrells backfires and her head is shaved as part of her punishment.

Season 6

Not one to let things go, Cersei spent this season plotting. Her new, short haircut is a constant reminder of her past shame. She’s no longer able to braid it into a royal style, though we feel like that’s not her concern anymore.

Season 7

Surely Cersei’s hair would have grown a bit longer by now, but instead she keeps it short. Its length is pragmatic and militant, showcasing the authoritarian ruler she is. Who needs braids when you have a shiny new crown all to yourself?

To be honest, we’re kind of feeling her current look.